Story Of Us

Established in 2017, Bloom Valley Empire is a specialist company offering a range of floral arrangements, gift presenters & event management. Providing a creative arrangement of hampers, gift packages, food gifts and floral bouquets for all occasion. The company embraces a no store frontage concept where orders of flowers and gifts packages are made through phones and faxes, catalogues, and its website. Apart from offering a convenient 24/7 shopping experience, the company also offers same day delivery nationwide for orders made before 12pm. Led by a team of creative designers, the company has created more than 2000 floral arrangements and gift packages to date which are featured in our annual and festive designer catalogues.   Bloom Valley Empire caters to both corporations and individuals on their gifting needs –  gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, company launches, openings, festive giving, etc. Currently our customers are Corporations, both large and small sized companies.



We want to be the brand people turn to when looking for ways to make someone’s day. When people want to send flowers, we want their first thought to be Bloom Valley.     Not only because of our guaranteed quality offering and obsession with customer service, but because we’re kind, trustworthy and we truly give a damn. And not because we say we give a damn, but because we show we give a damn - through mindful and sustainable practices.



We are the online marketplace of happiness. This means providing an eCommerce platform for local businesses to thrive on; offering our customers the freshest flowers from local florists; and keeping a strong focus on developing and expanding our artisan gift offering. We believe in our responsibility to empower small businesses and local artisans in an effort to nourish our local economy - an economy rich with bloomability. We believe in collaboration and that many heads and hearts are better than one. And that the sharing of knowledge and the exchanging of ideas will always result in a heck of a lot of happiness. We’re a growing team of happy people who’ll stop at nothing to make someone’s day.